Fiesta Friday: Pistachio, Chocolate & Cranberry Bars

What’s the reason for my extra blog post this week, you ask? Well it’s Fiesta Friday, of course!

I came across Angie’s site – The Novice Gardener – completely by random and fell hard for the concept of Fiesta Friday. How cool is that – having fun recipes from different blogs at your fingertips for your weekend adventures? This is my first Fiesta Friday post but will definitely not be my last.

This was a particularly trying week. Between moving and sporadic contact with loved ones overseas and dealing with adult things like catching an employee going through a box of your stuff, a pipe in your backyard getting run over by a careless person and getting a crash course in water main management, I could do with a little fiesta in my life.

The problem is, I’m also trying to cut down on the empty sugary treats that make me feel happy while I’m chewing it but having the guilt sets in before it reaches my stomach. I constantly look for recipes that are still feel like an indulgence but are reasonably wholesome. My criteria is that they should be able to work as a breakfast. I wanted to be a little more fun today though and decided to use a recipe that I came across and had saved for a rainy day: Pistachio, Chocolate & Cranberry Bars from Daily Candy.

Word of warning: these bars are very crumbly so you’re going to have to ugly eat this – you know what I’m talking about – but it’s totally worth it.

This recipe was already a winner before I even tried it. I absolutely love when a recipe calls for not so common ingredients and I have all, if not most of them in my pantry or at the very least, the appropriate substitutes. It feels like the food stars (is that a thing?) have aligned. The Universe wants me to make this particular dish today! It contains three types of nuts, cranberries, coconut, olive oil, oats, a little maple syrup and some chocolate chips. Wholesome enough for me!

Too much deliciousness 😮

In terms of substitutions, I replaced the coconut oil with olive oil simply because I’m not a fan of coconut oil. I also used coconut powder instead of shredded coconut – that’s all I had and it worked pretty much the same way. I also realized I barely had enough chocolate halfway through my prep work which derailed my “accidentally emptying the entire bag of chips into the pan” plan. All’s well that ends well though – the crust is amazing!!! Yes, it deserves three exclamation marks. It’s crumbly and buttery although there is no butter at all. It isn’t gritty or grainy or tasteless and I’m pretty sure this will be my new go-to pie crust.

You’re next. Yes, you.

 While the recipe serving amount is 8 bars or 16 small bites, I used a 7” round pan and then cut it into 4 slices. Like a pizza. And then ate it. Like a pizza. I’m pretty much finished the entire pan and Friday just began. Ah well, I have my memories of the Bars to keep me warm. Until I buy more chocolate chips.


  1. These look tasty, Indira! I love how you said you have to “ugly eat” these. So many ingredients I love in this–chocolate, pistachios, and coconut. Seems like coconut is a winning ingredient in dishes brought to the party this week–I’m going to have to get some coconut shreds or powder to try this!

  2. Nice to find you today through fiesta friday! 🙂 Lovely blog and looking forward to seeing what you have cooking in your kitchen. Great looking pistachio, chocolate & cranberry bars. You sound like me…I use olive oil in everything!

    • Hi there, nice to meet you! Thank you for the compliments 🙂 . I do love olive oil – I rarely use butter or any kind of oil although I have quite a few different kinds in my pantry. Old habits I guess lol

  3. Oh..I am so looking forward to eating ugly. I don’t care how I look! I KNOW that these bars are going to be totally worth any mess I happen to make, and I’ll gladly pick the crumbs up and eat them too!! I look forward to catching up on your blog. Wonderful recipe!

    • Thank you! Yep, I picked up all the crumbs as well! I totally feel what you’re saying – sometimes you just know a recipe will be delicious:) let me know how it turns out!

  4. Lol…ugly eat! Guilty of that dozens of time, I’m afraid! Thanks for coming to Fiesta Friday, Indira, and what a perfect treat you brought us. Looks like someone was already partying before the fiesta started. There’s only 1 slice left on the pan. 🙂 This is one of those things you can’t stop eating once you start, yeah? Looks absolutely scrumptious! XOXO

    • Thanks Angie! I had a lot of fun preparing it and being part of the fiesta. This recipes submitted look delicious. I cant wait to try them! I think I’m gonna be one of those guests that refuse to leave the party 🙂

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