My Month-iversary!

Break out the champagne! No really, please do because I certainly don’t have any.

This is wine. And this picture was taken in December. Man, my celebration party sucks.

It’s been one month since I started this blog. Since then I’ve gained 34 followers and over 700 (!) page views excluding the followers who read my ramblings directly in their email. I haven’t even started to bother my friends on my social networks – yet. Not too shabby.

I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy posting and how much my perspective on cooking has changed. I also didn’t realize the work that maintaining a blog requires. My mind is constantly spinning with new ideas. You should see the draft emails, word documents, notes in my phone and rhymes I make up to make sure I remember all the ideas that visit my mind. It pays off though – when I sit down to write, the words just seem to flow.

Since I started this blog, I’ve been pretty floored with how incredibly supportive and friendly the food blogging community has been. I’ve met and heard from like-minded bloggers around the world with words of encouragement, advice and offers to assist with any blog related issues. My attempts to contact my personal food celebrities have more often than not been fruitful which has been incredibly exciting. It makes me feel more connected with the world and gives new meaning to the popular adage that food brings people together.

I’ve also gotten fabulous support in so many ways from my own friends here. Rabin has been a pillar of support throughout this month and always gives me the encouragement I need. His excitement at my posts is infectious and always encourages me to write even more. Friends like Domanique, Shelly & Marissa have been great with sharing this blog. If you’ve been scrutinizing my pictures you’ll notice that they have improved in quality since my first post – thanks to Ian and his sound advice on that . Thanks to Suraj for his expertise! I also have to particularly thank the friends near and far who provide constructive criticism and regularly drop that truth bomb when I need it. You know who you are *points at you* 🙂

Finally, thanks to all of you. My readers. Those who have signed up to follow my blog and those of you have at least given the blog a chance.

I actually can’t imagine my life without this blog anymore. It makes my full life so much more full. I’m getting to do two of the things I love most – writing and cooking.

*Oscar closing out music starts to play*…ok ok! So I’ll just keep writing. I’d love for you guys to stick around.


  1. Kudos girly and Happy Month-iversary. Please make a nice juicy medium steak 😀 maybe one thats been marinated in beer hehe. Just saying.

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