Fiesta Friday: my current Kitchen Playlist

Ah Friday! You’re here again. Although this was a much better week than the last, I do need something to help me unwind after the stress that How I Met Your Mother is giving me. But this is not a TV blog. I will not rant about the nine year commitment I’ve had to Ted’s relationships and the laugh that the final season seems to be having at my expense. I will not. Instead I’ll take the idea from one of their early episodes and create my own Kitchen version of Barney’s ‘Get Psyched’ Mix.

Yeah, my taste in music is pretty…cutting edge.

So yes. I’ve brought the food of love (don’t tell me I never partially quoted Shakespeare to you) to Fiesta Friday and to my readers. I did have lovely alcohol based cookies all planned but let’s just say that they didn’t turn out as hoped. Ah well, you’ll read about it in a future Kitchen Disaster post (and my pictures came out so great too!).

I used that failure as a chance to share my kitchen soundtrack with you. Here’s my list of songs that have recently made me happy, inspired me, and provided that little non-caffeinated burst of energy to keep me dancing long enough to put the dishes in the sink.  Enjoy! And if you end up bouncing around in time to the music and accidentally opening the wrong side of the black pepper and dump a boatload of it in your soup, I wont laugh. Not that happened to me. It *cough* happened to a friend of mine *cough* *averts eyes*

I’m also open to suggestions so if you find a song that might fit into this odd combination of music, please, by all means share!


  1. I’m there with you on the HIMYM part! I too have a kitchen playlist, later I’ll check yours out while emptying my sink of the days “cooking evidence” 😉

  2. Music makes everything better, doesn’t it? I love your choices here. I’m currently experiencing nostalgia for the 90s in full swing, and I couldn’t agree more about how much more fun it is to cook and bake while dancing around to your favorite songs. Besides, you’re in a much better mood to deal with any black pepper-dumping fiascos then, right? 🙂

  3. I haven’t heard any of these songs, so I will have to give them a try! Indira, now, let us rant about HIMYM. I’ve been watching since season 1 too and don’t know if I should love the “generosity” they are giving us with showing stories about The Mother now or if they should have just left the whole thing in suspense until the very last episode. Oh wait–I do–last show would have been better because then they wouldn’t have stopped writing actual stories into the show!

    • Ngan, I’m so happy that someone wants to rant about HIMYM too! I love the scenes with Ted and the Mother and I like the flash forwards to the important moments but I am getting annoyed at how few and far between those scenes seem to be this season. I do feel strung along with some of the filler storylines especially since it’s the last season. I don’t want to spoil anything either if you haven’t seen Monday’s episode so will zip my lips for now 🙂

      • Yes, there is just too much filler! I don’t know if it’s genius that they can stretch the wedding day into 20-something episodes or not, but there is definitely just too much fluff. I saw Monday’s episode–no spoilers for me. 🙂

      • I was starting to warm up to the idea of a season – long wedding weekend, but I got super annoyed that they separated Marshall from the group for so long. I am loving all of the guest stars they brought back though!

  4. Did I hear music? Well, finally, someone brought music! Ain’t no party without music, so thank you, Indira! So thoughtful of you. Never ever accidentally dump a boatload of pepper in my soup, or mistaking my daughter’s cinnamon ornament (a Christmas craft she made at school) for a cookie, not even when cooking with music on, ever!

    • Thanks Angie! I’m glad I could I share my current favourite songs but will be back to dessert on Friday. LOL @ cinnamon ornament…I admit those cookie style Christmas decorations do look scrumptious 🙂

  5. “Pompeii” has been stuck in my head for two weeks. I love it. Then I saw the video and was confused, but still love it. As for kitchen disasters, I might share a few of my own and we can all have a laugh. 🙂

    • Yes! How great is that song! I agree with you, the video leaves me scratching my head a bit but I forgive them cause the song is so catchy. Would love to hear about your kitchen disasters, I still have quite a collection of disasters to share as well 🙂

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