Guinness Mushrooms & Onion Glaze & Site Updates

I’m going to start this post with a bit of housekeeping – I’ve updated the site a bit and added two new pages: My Food Resolutions and Recipes. I’ve actually posted enough in the last month and a half to warrant an actual recipe page so you don’t have to go digging through the archives & scrolling around if you want to find a specific recipe. Yay technology!

Also, Happy Phagwah to my friends and family! Today is both Phagwah and St. Patrick’s Day and my recipe today doesn’t indicate my preference to St. Patrick’s Day – just that I really really wanted to try this recipe 🙂



In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided that I’d jump on the drunken bandwagon and try a recipe that’s Guinness related. I decided to give this lovely recipe – Guinness Mushroom & Onion Glaze a shot. I got excited and mentioned it to a good friend whose go–to drink is Guinness. The response? “Sounds yuck.” Motivational, right? LOL It’s alright though, it just strengthened my resolve to make the best mushrooms ever! 


If you notice the garlic, mushrooms and onions cut noticeably neater than normal, blame Rabin and his engineering love of accuracy and efficiency. I can’t say I mind, I got to sit around and work on this post while he did the prep work for me 🙂Image

The result? Rabin loved it and I was pleasantly surprised by it as well. Its a good recipe and didn’t take very long to make at all. I didn’t simmer as long as recommended in the recipe since we were hurrying to eat and get ready to head out. The flavour did come through very nicely though and the onions are a much appreciated addition (who doesn’t like onions? Especially when they’re caramelized or simmered and pliable while still retaining that classic onion-y taste? They’re so delicious I want to cry…although that might just be because of the onions). We ate it with leftover pasta and quinoa, but do yourself a favour and put this on top of a neutral flavoured main or side dish like mashed / baked potatoes or baked chicken. The liquid will absorb beautifully into your food.

Best mushrooms ever? I have a mushroom recipe I’ll share soon that I consider to be my favourite, but this ranks very highly as well and is a wonderful heavy, meaty side dish without making you feel bloated and heavy after. It leaves you lots of room to enjoy the beer or whatever else your St. Patrick’s Day poison is.

So whatever you’re celebrating today (St. Patrick’s Day, Phagwah, just plain ol’ Monday), enjoy and remember to drink / play responsibly!

Sidenote: How absolutely great is that Guinness commercial? Liquor ads can get so deep & emotional (Sam Adams anyone?) and this Guinness one is actually a fabulous and touching ad. Do yourself a favour and watch it if you haven’t. It makes me want to be a better friend 🙂


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