3 Things Thursday

A post on Thursday you ask? What’s the reason for this madness!? Being the social butterfly that I am, I’ve decided to join a new link party – 3 Things Thursday hosted by Salma at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living and Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch. Thanks to Sarah at Flour & Spice for posting about it and solving one of my blogging dilemmas – how do I mention things I love without devoting a full post to it? So from now on, Thursday posts won’t only be food related. I am spreading those wings because I do like other things and I love the opportunity to share those things that I love right now with you all.


Here are my three things this week:

  1. DIY Teacup Wineglasses


Found here.

How charming is this? I’m not a very craftsy DIY person. I have the ideas, sure, but the actual execution never seems to work out the way I want it to. But I came across this the other day and can’t get over how cute it is! I genuinely feel that I can do this. I can’t say I’d use the blue china pattern, but that’s okay. I’m sure I’ll find my own teacups in need of some wine stem love soon enough. I don’t know if a wine teacup is practical and can (or should!) be used to serve hot tea, but frankly, I don’t care right now. Let me just gush over it for a little bit more. It is so weird and cute!!


  1. X-Men: Days of Future Past final Trailer

My husband bribed me to watch X-Men: First Class with him when it first came out. I had known of the other movies but was vehemently against watching them. All I knew was that Professor X was in a wheelchair, he was bald, people were mutants and Halle Berry looked surprisingly good with white hair. For years, I was only ever a Smallville fan and then slowly became a Batman fan after Dark Knight, but then I saw First Class. That’s all she wrote. Ok, well that’s not ALL she wrote, obviously. I instantly fell in love with everything about the series. I also instantly fell for Michael Fassbender and after watching the X-Men Trilogy plus the Wolverine Origins Movie in 1.5 days, I developed this deep, unshakable love for Wolverine. And Hugh Jackman. Don’t even get me started!

But anyways, hotness aside, I thought X-Men: First Class was an awesome, well written story and the musical score had me excited for most of the movie. Stories that create a whole other story around the framework of existing events never cease to impress me. Based on the first 2 trailers, it seems like they’ll be doing it again, which has me totally geeking out. The third trailer that came out yesterday focuses on the mutants and more on the story which looks so freaking fabulous. This trailer surpasses the other two by far. Hell YES. May 23 cannot come fast enough!!

  1. Calm

Those of you who know me would know that I’m not a particularly calm person. My personality has even been described as an action –I’ve literally been told “you’re very –“ accompanied by waving hands. Generally, I like that I can get excited over the mundane. I like to whisper “whaaaat!” to myself when I pour just enough coffee in the coffeemaker or fit everything neatly in the fridge. Of course I have my depressed and lethargic moments but more often than not I’m overly chatty and distract myself very easily. There are times though that I wish that I could turn off the internal monologue and just be. I’ve tried Yoga and meditation, and while both are fabulous, I’m always open to new ways to relax and broaden my mind.

So I’ve started reading this book written by Lonely Planet. Yup – the same travel website people. Basically the book lists the ways that different cultures find serenity with a short description of each. Each method is a quick read and ranges from popular stuff we know – baths, chanting etc. to the more unusual – caring for a bonsai tree and weaving. We can all use a little serenity in our lives and I plan to use this book a lot for reference.





So this was fun! Hope you enjoyed a non-food related post. I have a whole other post ready for tomorrow in case you didn’t 🙂


  1. Thanks for linking up Indira! Those wine tea glasses are adorable! But my favourite is your love for Hugh Jackman. OMG, that man is so hot!! But I won’t get you started 🙂 Love all the X-Men movies and most recently I wanted the new Captain America. It was really good.

    • Thanks Salma :). He totally is…I kinda get stupid when I look at him lol. I haven’t seen Captain America as yet, planning to go on Tuesday. The Marvel Universe really has taken over, hasn’t it? Can’t say I’m complaining though.

  2. Those wineglasses are frigin awesome. That said if I tried to make them the teacup would be on crooked and there would be adhesive all over the place! Oh and I am really pumped about X-men!

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