Blueberry Walnut Banana (BlueWaNana?) Smoothie

Oh smoothies. I hated you and then I liked you and I kept my distance because I knew you were good for me but I didn’t want to fall too hard, and sometimes you haven’t been enough but you’ve saved me from the caffeine withdrawal more times than I can count. Our relationship has the makings of a CW teen drama. Minus the awesome music and the soulful glances. Somewhere, the Dawson’s Creek theme song is still playing (the Paula Cole one, not the poor stand-in Jann Arden one that they put on the DVDs because of some musical rights dispute) while the camera zooms in slowly on a blender with the ingredients spinning in slow motion…
Ok. So back to smoothies. I hate being wrong but I’m starting to warm up to that cold drink (see what I did there?) I’ve made some really great variations these last 2 months. I’ve already shared my January Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter Smoothie, and today I’m sharing a recipe that I threw together. I know that before I’ve spoken of my smoothie disasters, but surprisingly these last few months have been pretty great thanks to the discovery of my immersion blender. I love that thing. It has seriously made making soups, smoothies & smooth dips SO much easier and the pink colour makes me feel so glamorous in the kitchen. When you have a choice, always buy colourful appliances. They make cooking so much more fun.
Tip: Blueberries sink when you garnish a drink with it. So find your ninja powers and snap the picture the second you drop it.

BlueWaNana Smoothie

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print
BlueWaNana Smoothie

1 cup Frozen Blueberries
1 cup Walnuts
2 frozen Bananas
1 cup cold Coconut Water (or regular water)
1 tbsp Flaxseed
1/4 cup Avocado

1 tsp Chia Seeds (optional)

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a Champagne glass to feel extra classy.
I’m linking up this recipe toΒ Laura @ the Gluten Free Treadmill. I’m also bringing this to Fiesta Friday over at Angie’s because I’ve never brought drinks before, so it’s about time to mix it up.
Yup. Mix it up just like the Smoothies.
So to close off today’s post, I’d just like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to the fabulous lady that I’m blessed to call my Mom! We’ve gone through the standard mother-daughter milestones like the awkward lady problems talk and the boys are stupid talk, but she’s also done things like help me get past my “Fear Street novels aren’t fiction and all the paintings and ornaments are following me with their eyes” phase, she’s answered the “Mom what the hell is cumin / mace / peppercorn / American name for a various food” questions, and has used up countless hours listening to my stories, trials and tribulations. Only your mom will do things like roll roti for you with a pepsi bottle when she visits you at University because you don’t own a rolling pin and can’t be bothered to make roti anyways, or cheers for all your childhood dance performaces (which includes your brother’s super skilled jump off the 2 ft. fireplace ledge onto the ground) and won’t yell at you when you wake your sister up and make her cry because you didn’t want to go to sleep alone.I also want to wish a Happy Mother’s day to my Mother-in-Law, the generous and tireless lady who raised my awesome husband! I’m also blessed to have my Aunty Dee and lots of Aunts-in-law to look out for me, and my Grandma, who constantly reminds me where I come from and keeps me rooted in family. Having these wonderful ladies in my life soothes my soul in a way that I never realized needed soothing.Β Happy Mother’s day to all of you out there as well…mothers, aunts, grandmothers. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that your loved ones spoil you and (to quote a cliche) make every day Mother’s day!


  1. Wow! This looks absolutely amazing. I had (as crazy as it sounds) never thought of putting avocado in a smoothie that wasn’t green. Also, the bit about the CW teen drama resonated with various parts of my food life (not smoothies precisely). Glad to find you in the smoothie link up. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kaila! I was totally like that as well…I stuck to using ingredients the way I originally knew how to. But with so many blogs out there there are great ideas as well as tons of inspiration! Glad the CW part resonated with you… I was a pretty huge WB/CW fan back in the day lol

  2. If I had a blender, I would make this right now. Sounds good and looks like your ninja skills paid off in capturing that blueberry shot! Very sweet tribute to your mom, btw!

    • Thanks Salma! I suppose coconut milk would make it creamer and the coconut flavour could potentially overwhelm the other flavours. It might not be a bad thing though – I’d love a review if you do make it with coconut milk!

  3. Haha! I didn’t love smoothies that much before. I was like ‘Nah! Thanks! I would stick with my sundae or coffee!’ But since I started having smoothies, I could not go on a day without them. So refreshing and let me say it’s super healthy… well, I meant when you made it with fruits and other healthy stuffs.

    Thank you for sharing this to us and for bringing this healthy smoothie to FF15. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jhuls! And you’re doing a great job hosting FF! I totally share your sentiments though. The days I made smoothies were days I felt like i was cheating on my tea and coffee lol. But I do feel charged up knowing that all of these healthy things are in the drink.

      • When I started drinking smoothies, I stopped drinking coffee. As a coffee-lover, it’s very difficult. But thank goodness that I managed a week without coffee, and even months. When I don’t like to eat lettuce and needed to use them, I put them on smoothies! πŸ™‚

  4. Lovely words for your mom, Indira…she sounds like a fabulous woman! Your smoothie sounds delicious. I’ve never added walnuts [or any other nut , for that matter] to one before and I bet they add great flavor! Thanks for sharing your recipe… love the name of it too!

    • Thanks Nancy! She is. I was a bit hesitant with the nuts as well but it disappears surprisingly well. You get the occasional little crumb or two but it isn’t off putting… It adds a heaviness to the smoothies that makes you feel more full.

  5. Wonderful smoothie recipe! I wouldn’t have thought to put avocado in. It’s a great idea. I love that you have to snap the shot quick before the blueberries sink. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and colorful appliances are a must!

    • Thank you! Food photography really is a challenge, isn’t it? I tried to keep the avocado to a point where you could scoop out a few spoonfuls and still have half left for a nice addition to your lunch salad. Oh man I should have put that in my post! Lol! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Indira – what a wonderful post! I laughed at the ninja skills needed to shoot before the blueberry sank, I adore what you have called your smoothie – seriously – companies pay big money to agencies to come up with names like this! And I almost cried reading your ode the amazing women who surround you. Thanks for sharing the love – hope you get a chance to make some new friends at FF #15!

  7. Haha, so funny about the Pepsi bottle, that is so what my mom would do too! I just love the personal humor in your blog. And the wordplay in this recipe. Lovely!

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