TTT: Maps, Seeds & WED

I’m back from a thoroughly fantastic and exhausting vacation. Are vacations ever really relaxing? I always seem to need a vacation after my vacation. Either that or I’m vacationing wrong. And I’m saying ‘vacation’ a lot. Ok so I think I caught up slightly with my 3 Things last week, so will jump right in. Those who aren’t familiar with Three things Thursday, it’s hosted by Salma at The Write Balance, Raj from Pink Chai Living and Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch and we basically list three things for the week that we like or have come across.
Gourmet Scratch Map
My sister brought Rabin this Gourmet Food Scratch Map which I promptly commandeered. It’s awesome since the national / popular dishes of each European country are written in the shape of that country. For every dish you have, you can scratch it off (sort of like a lottery ticket). That way, you’ll have a cool diagram of popular foods that you’ve eaten. Sadly, I’ve eaten only a few of the dishes listed so I need to fix that ASAP!
Made with Repix (

Seed Germinator
I mentioned a while back that I wanted to grow my own sprouts for salads. It was even a Food Resolution of mine. I started doing it in 1L mason jars, but because there wasn’t any drainage, leaving the sprouts for even half a day turned them into one of the worst smelling things ever. The kitchen smelled like a garden that got drunk on sulphur, died, rotted for 3 days and then came back to life to throw up and then die again. Not that I’m being dramatic or anything. The constant changing of water and rinsing the sprouts was frankly too much work, and after smelling how bad it could get, I can’t say that it was very encouraging to taste. So I ended up buying a Seed germinator.

Attempt #1. Stench not included in this pic. You're welcome.
Attempt #1. Stench not included in this pic. You’re welcome.

A friend so helpfully laughed at me by saying that he could easily make one of those things but I showed him my palm and thought ‘talk to the hand’ (remember that insult btw? “…cause the face ain’t listening”.That was awesome). I’m sure you actually can make one, but time, laziness and lack of motivation all resulted in my eventual purchase. Plus the cashier at Whole Foods said it was awesome and that she has to put aside one for herself, so boom! Validation bomb. The germinator allows 3 different layers of sprouts to be grown at once, and will fix the drainage issue for me. I’ve put the seeds in so let’s see how attempt #2 goes.

Wish me luck!
Wish me luck!

World Environment Day

Happy WED! I urge you all to find a green way to celebrate, be it small and private or big and dramatic. No action is too insignificant. I won’t get into the importance of a clean environment or climate change because I assume you already know enough to understand the situation that our earth is in.

Celebrating WED is not only about making a green change or decision today, but consciously making more environmentally friendly choices and decisions and incorporating these into our daily life. I’ve attached a list here of ways that you can celebrate WED and make your life a little greener. Definitely not exhaustive, but a good start.




  1. Glad you had a good vacation! And you’re not the only one, I always feel like I need a vacation after as well 🙂 I’ve never heard of that food map, sounds so interesting. And I just heard on the radio this morning that it’s world environment day, but I didn’t catch the details, so thanks for sharing that. I’ll check out the list and see what else we can do. Happy Thursday!

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