Forgotten Joys: Kitchen Playlist #2

Happy 4th of July! And Belated Canada Day! And Early Caricom Day! If you’re in the US, Canada or the Caribbean, you enjoyed or are enjoying a long weekend right now. Which means lots of food, drink and relaxation. Hope that the rain hasn’t washed out your plans too badly. Today’s I’m taking it easy which means I don’t have a recipe to share (not that a recipe is stress, but you know what I mean). Right now I’m channeling my X-men: First Class nerdiness and enjoying a Bitburger Beer with my family. If you get this reference, you’re now one of my favourite people.

Where is Schmidt?
Where is Schmidt?

So I’m sharing some of my favourite tunes with you for your Party / BBQ / Friday Afternoon. The Songs from my previous Playlist are still some of my favourites and are still very current, but I have room in my heart for many songs.


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Contrary to the order of these pictures, I did actually have my Coffee first.

I always forget the healing power that Music can have. I’ve been having a tough week and I almost didn’t even write this post. But I decided to listen to my old Spotify playlist and literally felt better within the first line of the first song. I remember when I first started High School, my Music Teacher had a poster on her wall that said “if music be the food of love, play on” . It always stuck with me and I didn’t learn until much later that it’s a quote from the Shakespeare Play, Twelfth Night. I was always the one in my family to have the eclectic musical taste and I’m proud to admit that I’ve converted my brother to be as musically random as I am.

Today’s list has music from recent TV shows, older TV shows, the Top 40 list, one or two I heard in various stores (thank you Shazam!!), and a recommendation or two from friends. There’s even a kind of old song there that popped into my head the other day – no idea how I know it but I got obsessed with it.

I’m bringing my rockin’ playlist to Fiesta Friday and Three Things Thursday although I’m a little late.

I also have to thank Alex at Dinner Daydreams for featuring me on her Blog Tour this week! Much appreciated Alex, I love your blog as well and I’ll be back next week with my features.

So hope you enjoy the music, the weekend, the BBQ, the rain, and anything else that brings you joy.


  1. This is great! What a unique post! Thanks for sharing your favorite songs with us, then, what is a party without some good music, right? A lot of food is alright, but i the end, music sets the mood! 😉 Thanks for bringing this to the Fiesta and hopefully you had lots of fun with us! Sylvia

  2. I totally agree that music can completely change your mood and state of mind! I actually haven’t heard a bunch of the songs on your playlist, so I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for linking up to #3ThingsThursday. I always enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  3. I love that you’re sharing a playlist, great idea! There are very few things I can do without listening to music too! Hope you’re having a great weekend

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