TTT: Layouts & Eating well

I’m back today with Three Things Thursday, hosted by Salma at The Write Balance, Raj from Pink Chai Living and Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch
My new Page Layout
I continue to try to improve my blogging technique, which means trying to learn as much as I can as often as I can. I thought that my Blog front page needed a bit of an upgrade, so I’m pleased to present my new front page! I’m especially proud of the header. Thank you as well for all the lovely comments on my new blog layout. Email followers, I know you read my posts in your inbox so you wouldn’t see the new layout, but you’re all more than welcome to check it out now! I LOVE the painted look so much. I feel super artsy every time I look at it and it makes me hope that you think I’m writing this post from some Parisian café, sipping on some café au lait, blushing as the cute waiter winks at me. Hmm… maybe travel romance writing is my true calling!

Unmasking Superfoods
I picked up this book on my last jaunt to one of my favourite places on earth – the bookstore. I find food related books so interesting and I believe that being an informed consumer is so important to your overall health. I don’t think that it makes you invincible and we can all fall prey to a myriad of the nasty diseases and illnesses out there, but I’ve also read enough books about brands and advertising to know that labels are very misleading and products masquerading as ‘healthy’ or ‘all natural’ can barely meet the minimum definition of those words. We’re hit with food trends every single day, and its important to know what’s real and what isn’t. I started reading this book and its shocking to realize the limited number of studies and data that actually support these so called ‘super foods’. Some things have confirmed what I’ve previously read, and other chapters have obliterated what I thought I knew.
photo 1 (15)
Shopwell App
I came across this App on the ITunes App store. Its the most clever little app ever. Basically you input your basic information and the reasons why you’re trying to eat healthier. You indicate your nutrient / food preferences, what you’d like to avoid (added sugar, artificial sweeteners), and any allergies you have. Whenever you go shopping, just scan the barcode of the item that you’d like to purchase and the app will tell you whether that product is a good match for you. How cool is that!? I love being an informed consumer. I scanned my doritos and a bottle of coke I had laying around the house for emergencies and both were terrible matches for me 😦 I ended up running around my kitchen scanning items like I was on some crazy grocery game show. I always wanted to go on Supermarket Sweep and this was like realizing my dream in its own twisted way.
photo 2
Now for a bit of housekeeping: I’ve come to a decision about my blog posts. I love Three Things Thursday and how welcoming and lovely Salma & Raj have been. I would like to occasionally add an extra recipe during the week though, so I think I’m going to limit myself to only posting my 3 Things twice a month, so essentially, every other week. I’d like to be first and foremost a food blog.
Have a good day guys and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel (this may be slightly out of date).

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  1. Love the new banner, it looks great! And that sounds like a great App I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for linking up, I hope you’re having a great week and I’ll look out for your yummy recipes and twice a week #3ThingsThursday posts 🙂

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