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I’m joining up with a new party this month – In My Kitchen, hosted by Celia over at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial. What’s this party about? Once a month, I get to post about what’s been going on in our kitchen for the month. I’m excited about it because it’s such a great idea for a link party. I’m often so intent on making / creating / posting recipes and I tend to overlook some of the other non-recipe related things happening.

For me, this was the month of Gadgets. I mentioned a while back that I bought a pasta roller and a ravioli press. I kinda feel like the Sydney Bristow (from Alias. Binge watch it if you haven’t seen it. It was SUCH a great show!!) or James Bond of cooking when I use all of these gadgets… *cut to montage of me testing each gadget complete with hilarious near accidents due to over enthusiasm*. For those of you that follow my blog, you’ll know that I recently made Goat Cheese and Walnut Ravioli with a Walnut Wine Sauce, and I’m looking forward to making ravioli a monthly staple in my kitchen. I’m totally open to any flavour combinations suggestions!

photo 3 (11)

Another gadget that has brought me immense joy is my French fry cutter. Fries are my favourite meal in the world and it is physically impossible to have just a few. I can’t stand to deep fry stuff at my house, so I always try to make wedges instead. But you’ve never met my wedges. I always find a way to cut them too thin and no matter how long I bake them, they don’t crisp up at all and end up being a sad, soggy mess. How has life been since I started using the fry cutter, you ask? It’s been damn near perfect. My sister went way past her “I’ll just have 5” statement, and I haven’t even tried the smaller fry attachment as yet! One downside – it isn’t strong enough to cut sweet potatoes. But then again, cutting sweet potatoes is stress for a person! Unless I’m cutting it wrong…

You beautiful thing, you.
You beautiful thing, you.

My brother has already decided that when he gets his own place, I’m in charge of the kitchen tools. He is in awe of my immersion blender (seriously, the best thing ever!!) which I choose to take as a compliment.

Those of you familiar with my blog and my Food Resolutions will know that I did the 24 Meals in 24 Hours Challenge with my Husband and Siblings. If you’d like more detail, I discuss it a bit at the end of a recent Blog Post. We also live tweeted it at @illcookyouwash and had a great time – we controlled our portions so we didn’t feel stuffed, and at times we could have eaten a lot more but decided to pace ourselves. Also, we cooked / bought very small quantities so there was pretty much zero food wastage. My brother is a fan of eating a huge plate of food (quantity, always quantity!), so a small plate was torture for him. The hardest part was staying awake – we did manage pretty well but eventually couldn’t stay up any longer so we set alarms for every hour. You did not want to see us shuffling all squinty-eyed to the kitchen, nodding in acknowledgement to each other, taking a handful of cereal or a slice of bread and stumbling back upstairs. But we did it! I can’t say I’d ever do it again, but we accepted the challenge, stuck with it and managed to be successful so yay for us! Also the MVP was definitely Watermelon! A piece of that made us feel totally new again.

Some of the food we ate - getting queasy just thinking about it again!
Some of the food we ate – getting queasy just thinking about it again!

I also experimented with making a no-churn Avocado Ice Cream from a recipe I saw on Women’s Health Magazine. Well. That was pretty spectacular and we decided on the first taste that it will become a staple in my house.

photo 1

Also, in the spirit of lovely sunny weather and homemaking, the Husband and I also fired up the grill this month so we’ve been grilling everything from Chicken Kebabs to Romaine Lettuce!

photo 2 (1)

It's the type of meal you SUMMER! (If you've watched Frozen recently and have a sister  that loves Olaf, you'll get this)

I’m also pretty excited about this upcoming month. For the first time I’ll have the opportunity to do two guest posts soon for two lovely ladies and they’ll be returning the favour. I also bought a dozen mason jars (man, I love mason jars) and a friend has started making his own flavoured vinegar, so what does that equal? Me trying to pickle the obscene amount of cucumbers (do they still call it ‘cukes’ for short or am I just betraying the level of uncoolness I currently reside at?) in my fridge.

photo (4)

And there you have it! A peek into what I’ve been doing. See you back here on Friday for another recipe and more on the life of Indi!


    • If loving mason jars is wrong, then I don’t want to be right 🙂 I’m sorry to reply so late, but am now catching up on replies. Thanks for welcoming me to IMK, it really is such a nice party 🙂

  1. I love mason jars as well and have quite a collection. I only made a few jars of pickles though. This summer was more about jam, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, cantaloupe and tomato.

  2. The avocado ice-cream looks intriguing and I love your cute ice-cream scoop. What can’t a Mason jar be used for – lucky you to have so many! #imk

    • Thank you, Danielle! The ice cream was pretty great. I can’t take credit for my ice cream scoop – my husband insisted we buy it! I don’t want to admit it, but I’m happy we did lol.

    • Thanks Celia! Sorry to be replying so late but thanks for featuring me and for your kind words :). The fry cutter has already paid for itself 5 times over – I’ve been making oven fries nonstop!

  3. Lovely first IMK post Indira – so happy to see you here! I love the french fry cutter and am intrigued by the the grilled romaine! I have to say that 24 meals in 24 hours sounds like torture – well done for sticking it out! The no churn avocado ice-cream sounds like a winner – my son is heavily into avocados at the moment so I think he would love this! Thanks for the peek into your kitchen this month!

    • Thanks for the kind words Selma! IMK looks like a really great party. The French get cutter really is the best thing – I’ve been making oven fries nonstop! Lol. The 24 hours thing was fun but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again! Lol. Did you try the ice cream? How did it turn out?

    • Hi Emily, thanks for the kind words! I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to respond, I actually have some time today so I’m catching up on everything. I hope you try the ravioli and let me know how it turns out!

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