Stir-Fried Zucchini & Not so Christmas-y thoughts

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I feel like those cuckoo clocks where every hour on the hour, a lady and man come rolling out on a track, bow to each other and then do a spastic dance, moving one way then abruptly turning the other way, then changing midway and bowing in the other direction again. That’s literally what’s happening in my mind right now – a crazy explosion of movement and panic and contradictions. I’m unable to focus on one thing for very long because there’s so much to do and so much I want to tell you!

I sucked it up and went with Rabin to the midnight premiere of the Star Wars movie last week. While I can’t bring myself to really like the Star Wars franchise, I really admire the fandom and the level of commitment of the fans. I feel that way about Harry Potter & X-Men, so I get it. I get the excitement, the joy, the anticipation, the fear that comes with the release of a new movie or chapter in the series. I get the pure excitement when I see a trailer or pick up a nod to a previous movie or event that feels like it was written in just for me. I understand the goosebumps when you hear a few lines from the theme song, or the relief and elation that comes when the movie ends up being great, and the thought-provoking-ness of the theories that bounce around the internet before and after the movie releases. I get it, geeks. Respect.

A few other things bouncing around in my head:

  • I failed at wrapping the gifts I did buy, which reminds me once again how amazing gift bags are.
  • Poor, poor Steve Harvey. I can forgive reading a card wrong, but I can’t forgive not spell-checking an apology before you Tweet it. I also can’t forgive those suits he wears on Family Feud.
  • Storm is the most useless X-woman (?) I’ve ever seen.
  • Grinding your own cardamom without a spice grinder is stressful but totally worth it. Prepackaged ground cardamom doesn’t even come close.
  • Pet peeve #75: When people say ‘cardamoN’.
  • Enough with Trump and the Kardashians!
  • Rabin ages well. Like a fine wine. Or Scott Bakula.
  • I’m okay with not meeting a lot of my personal challenges this year. I’m ending the year feeling content and at peace with my life choices, and it hasn’t stopped me from making lists about 2016.
  • Oh, and this recipe if you have a hole on your Christmas menu and want to fill it with a vegetable:


Quick Stir-Fried Asian Zucchini

  • Servings: 4 as a side
  • Difficulty: super easy
  • Print


1 Medium Zucchini

1 tbsp Sesame Oil

1 tbsp Soy Sauce

1/4 tsp Red Pepper Flakes

1/4 tsp Black Pepper

1 Medium Onion, sliced

1/4 cup Pine Nuts

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Roughly cut Zucchini into sticks. Warm sesame oil in a skillet and add onions. Cook until translucent, about 2 minutes. Add zucchini, soy sauce and peppers and stir to thoroughly coat with oil & soy sauce. Cover and let cook for 1 minute. Add pine nuts, and let cook for another minute or two, stirring regularly to ensure that nuts do not burn.

This recipe keeps well so you can even prepare it a day ahead of your meal. Like today.

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So enjoy Christmas if you’re celebrating it, enjoy the Boxing day sales, or the drama and excitement that normally accompany family gatherings. Enjoy the solitude if you choose to have a quiet day, the food, the compelling yule log on TV, the spiked drinks and your special traditions. Happy Holidays!


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