Pistachio Pesto & my Personal Pensieve

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Well, I have no idea where last weekend went, and somehow we’re now in the middle of this week. I mean, I do know where the weekend went, but it’s not very dramatic if I say “I know how I spent my weekend”, now is it? It was a mix of fun events, spontaneous nighttime baking, intense worry (and eventual relief) over a missing puppy, and laziness. I didn’t get a chance to make any sort of lovely lunch for Monday. I basically made overnight oats 5 minutes before I went to bed on Sunday and opened the fridge on Monday morning to make sure we had enough stuff to scrounge up a meal or two for the day. I’ve had too many Sunday nights (and Monday mornings) like that before, and it made me think of a Pistachio Pesto I came up with a while back.

I’m currently a little sick of regular pesto (although if you’re not, check out my Basil Pesto Post from last year) , but I really like the concept of pesto. You can mix it into virtually anything (eggs, potatoes, and salads, for starters) and it dresses the meal up way better than I can dress myself. Even your lazy baked potato gets jazzed up with a spoonful of flavor *jazz hands*

Which brings me to this pesto. I had a ton of parsley in my fridge and wanted to find clever ways to incorporate pistachio nuts into my food, because my Pistachio intake lately has been limited to pistachio ice cream and pistachio cardamom cake (not that I’m complaining). Plus, I’ve found recently that I really intensely need to see green on my plate (insert fungus joke here) and I don’t feel happy until a meal has some fresh greenery in it. Without, it just looks depressing. And please don’t scoff and say I’m showing off about being healthy. I’m really not – it’s the OCD, colour neurotic freak side of me that is more concerned with how a meal looks.

I added this pesto to cooked cubed chicken I had in the fridge. The chicken itself was simply cooked and had very little seasoning. I had planned to make chicken salad or something along those lines, but the pull of the pesto was too strong.

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Bonus: Pistachio nuts also deliver a punch of fiber, protein, and heart-healthy fat. A perfect choice to regain your eating balance after binge eating Rice Krispie Squares (yes I made another batch) and coffee all weekend.

Pistachio Pesto

  • Difficulty: easy
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1 cup fresh Parsley
1 tbsp. dried Cilantro
1 1/2 tbsp. Lime Juice, freshly squeezed
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/ cup Pistachio Nuts, roasted & salted
1 tbsp.Pistachio Oil (Optional. Can substitute regular Olive Oil

In a food Processor, blend all ingredients until thoroughly combined.

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Also, I’m getting into including a random thoughts section in my posts now. They’re nowhere as well thought out as to warrant a long post, but they’re in my head and need to be pulled out and stored for later. Like a real life pensieve (#harrypotter ftw). But yes. So I think I’ll keep the thoughts section going until I get bored and will try to keep it at a minimum of three thoughts.

  • ABC’s Galavant is such a great show. I hope they get a third season. Either way, I’ll likely be singing the theme song for the rest of my life. I finally understand what an earworm is.
  • Zika is way more insane that I originally thought. Protect yourself, people!
  • What I’m reading: The House I Loved by Tatiana de Rosnay. Sarah’s Key was sad and memorble, but with this book I’ve been bouncing between “it must be wonderful to love a city and house that much” and “get over it, woman”.


Have a wonderful rest of the week and here’s hoping we all improve on today’s eating habits!

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  1. Recently, I know how I spent my weekend, but it still goes by too quickly! Anyway, love this pesto, and it looks easy to make! I may need to give it a try this summer. Happy FF, and have a marvelous weekend! 😀

  2. Mmm, your pesto looks amazing! I am with you on the green thing! I just have to have a splash of green for it to look and feel right! I love trying all different ingredients for pesto, and I love pistachios, so this recipe will be bookmarked for sure! Thanks so much for sharing this with us today! 😀

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