Happy Belated Anniversary!

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Calm down. You didn’t forget you and your SO’s special day. It’s been over a year since I took some time off from this Blog to recharge, refresh my spirit and basically recharge my batteries overall. I traveled, lived my daily life, got super into Agatha Christie, Downton Abbey and BBC Sherlock, wrote some half-assed posts, got fit, got lazy, got super into puzzles & crosswords. You get the drift. I still cook regularly (and although I probably have been relying on fast food more than I should), I kept half composing cooking posts in my held but would then somehow drift to Travel related blog post ideas. Eventually my brain caught up to what should have been obvious from the beginning – start a travel blog! I enjoyed my Europe travel series in 2015 and decided I would give it a shot.

So, I’m doing it. Visit me at Tripdicted!

Sign up if you’d like (the sign up box is at the bottom of the homepage). At the very least, I’ll document some of my experiences and some of the cool things I’ve learned over the years. At the worst, you’ll think I’m a blowhard showoff with too much time on my hands. I’m okay with that. At the best, I would have enjoyed reliving and sharing some of the cool experiences that have made me ridiculously happy at different times in my life. Maybe I’ll inspire you to work through your bucket list or maybe something in the posts will help give you some advice on a trip you were already planning. Feel free to drop me a line anytime to tell me what you think, give me ideas or make suggestions.

Also, I’ll Cook, You Wash isn’t shutting down. Just extending the sabbatical a little bit. I doubt I’m the only one you’re relied on for recipes anyway and if you were, you would have died of starvation by now.

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