(Chopstick) Moscow Mules & 7 Drinks to Try


I’ve never been much of a cocktail gal except for a brief period in the naughts (that’s what you call the 2000s, right?) when mudslides were all the rage. I used to say it was like a dessert in a glass, but then I realized that halfway through one you suffered an insane sugar high and then an insaner crash. And you couldn’t reasonably drink one all night. Plus around that time I cultivated my very cultured palate for beer.

So that was that. In terms of making them, I’ve never been much of a cocktail gal in that regard either. I actually figured out why while explaining to a friend – it’s such an effort to make a cocktail that if I’m cooking as well, something’s gotta go and it sure as hell ain’t food. Opening a beer is way easier.

Anyways. Some friends got really into Moscow Mules a while back and as fate would have it, I received 4 copper mugs as a gift from my sister. We planned to do an Easter BBQ this year, and while the planning started out with pulling out the grill to make an elaborate menu and hosting a kite making competition, it ended up with us ordering food and trying to raise a kite for literally 4 minutes before giving up.

The puppies approve this image
The puppies approve this image

However, my years of hosting events have left it ingrained in me that I need to be doing SOMETHING on the day of the event beyond drinking copious amounts of coffee and watching Scorpion reruns. Hence, the Moscow Mule. It’s a very easy recipe (one that even I could commit to memory) and simple to make.

Moscow Mules are usually served in a copper mug. Copper itself has its own collection of benefits (so consider drinking it for your health, but beware the advisories). As for the name? Does it have to do with Russia or assorted asses?

Created in New York circa 1940s the cocktail came together at a bar because of an abundance of copper mugs and vodka. Vodka wasn’t that popular in USA at the time, and Huffington Post says that people used to joke that vodka was Russian for “horrible”. The Mule part is colloquially attributed to the ‘kick’ of the ginger beer, but the history remains blurry. Much like how you’d be after you’ve had a few.

While we’re on the topic of drinks, I recently wrote about 7 Drinks that you should try in Peru over at Bookmarks & Waypoints. At this point, I’ve been to a few South American Countries (hell, I live in one) and there is a similarity in some of the drinks to try – Cusqueña Beer is widely available in Chile, and Coca is used to treat altitude sickness, which can happen in Bolivia and Argentina as well.

Moscow Mules

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: super freakin' easy
  • Print


2oz Vodka (I used Tito’s)
6oz Ginger Beer (I used Caribia)
Juice from a small Lime
Mint leaves
Lime wedge to garnish.


Pour vodka and ginger beer into mug. Add lime juice and mint. Stir to combine. Garnish with lime wedge (unless you’re on your second and you don’t care about appearances anymore).

I’ll be honest. I didn’t use the Lime to garnish (except for this picture). I forgot to take pictures on the first day I actually made it because I was enjoying my beer so much. The pictures in this post were taken the day after when my remaining mint leaves were dried up. Doesn’t seem to have deterred my pups from interrupting the photo shoot though.


Variations of the recipe don’t use mint at all, but I did because I considered the balancing of the flavors … and also because I had in the fridge and I doubt I would have used it for anything else before it went bad.

Also, why the “Chopstick” part? I stirred each cocktail with a Chopstick. Because spoons / fancy cocktail stirrers are for chumps.


Listening: Whatever I’ve Shazamed. I’ve been very lazy recently.

Reading: At home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider

Watching: Scorpion reruns. Did you not read this post?


  1. I’ve always wanted to get myself copper mugs, but the only thing I see to put in them are Moscow mules. I don’t consume anything alcohol, but it’s amazing how easy it is to make this drink! I am sure our friends at Fiesta Friday would approve this, too.😁 Thanks for sharing!

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