Food Resolutions

Here is my list of Food Resolutions for 2015. If you have any suggestions, I’m more than open to them. You can read about my progress on my 2014 list below.

I haven’t actually completed all so I’ll be trying to finish some of the remaining things – I’ll bust out the slow cooker, try that caviar, and drink two smoothies. The other things I’ve missed will be rolling over to 2015. Give me a break…it was only a couple 🙂 Wish me luck!

So without further ado, I’d like to unveil my 2015 Food Resolution List!

  1. Host an Ice Cream & Pie Social –  Done! The sweet potato pie wasn’t all that great, but I’ll get it next time 🙂
  2. Make my own Dim Sum
  3. Go Vegan for a Month. As you may remember, I went Vegetarian for a month this year. I’m stepping it up and going Vegan in January. Rabin and I have signed up with Veganuary and if you’re interested, sign up too!Done and one of the suckiest experiences of my life. Read my post about Vegan Month here
  4. Increase the amount of Fish I eat – From virtually zero *blushes*
  5. Learn to cook Scallops
  6. Use up ingredients in my pantry that have been there for 6 months or more – Nut oils, vinegars, seasonings, spice rubs, etc.
  7. Bake one Bread per month – Already failed. As at July, I only made bread one month :/
  8. Create a signature pasta sauce
  9. BBQ once per month & get more comfortable with it – Already failed 😦
  10. Use my Molecular Gastronomy set
  11. Do a Tapas night
  12. Try my Herb garden again
  13. Grow my own Alfalfa Sprouts / Mung Beans (again)
  14. Learn to make Lamb Curry
  15. Learn to make Cookup
  16. Learn to make Roti / Naan
  17. Host another Dinner Party!


For you lovely people who have been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed a few posts I did a while back mentioning my 2014 Food Resolutions. If you’re not familiar with it, take a sec and read more about it. I’ll wait.

Ok. We all on track now? I was thinking about my Resolutions and a genius idea struck me – why don’t I just list it on a page here? I can share it with you guys and also keep track of my progress. This page is also a reflection of my web design skills – a work in progress. As such, I’m just documenting this non-exhaustive list in a bullet format until I learn to do fancy interweb-y things that my brain hasn’t quite grasped yet.

  1. Go Vegetarian for a Month – Completed!
  2. Make 2 Smoothies per month – January,  February , March, April, May, June completed. Failed with July – November and will be drinking two smoothies before December ends. 
  3. Start a vegetable garden – I had a lovely Zucchini plant that gave me some beautiful (albeit small) green and yellow zucchini. Unfortunately, the plant died. I’ll be replanting the zucchini in the new year. I’ve also planted sweet potatoes and those are coming along nicely.
  4. Start an herb garden (and don’t kill them all within a week this time) – Unsuccessful twice. But maybe the third time’s the charm?
  5. Grow my own alfalfa sprouts / mung beans (with a kit) – Tried THREE TIMES. Could the fourth time be the charm? – It wasn’t. Going for a fifth!
  6. Try Caviar (Yes. I’m classy that way) – Planning to do it today!
  7. Roast a whole Chicken (Or Turkey. Or both) – Did the Chicken. It was great! 
  8. Host a Dinner Party – Did that too. Thinking about Dinner #2
  9. Pack a Picnic lunch (and actually have a picnic!) – Might try a last ditch attempt on Monday. Will update accordingly.
  10. Learn to make Lamb Curry – Didn’t do it. I really wanted to learn to do this from my Grandma in Canada so next year I’ll make her teach me when I go up.
  11. Have 24 meals in 24 hours (a special birthday request from my brother) – Done! It was a hard job but we did it Lol.
  12. Learn to make Cookup – Not done 😦
  13. Learn to make Roti / Naan – Too lazy to do. Will add to the 2015 list. I gotta learn sometime!
  14. Make Ravioli – Completed!
  15. Try Goat Cheese – Done! It’s great and used it in a variety of recipes, like Ravioli & Quesadillas
  16. Use my Slow Cooker! (And not take it out of the box and proceed to store stuff in it) – I’ll be doing that today too. Man, I’m a last minute chick.

Totally doable in a year, right?


  1. I definitely will! I don’t think I’ll be cooking all 24 meals, but I think the eating alone will be enough of a wonder lol! 🙂 My brother sent me the list and I think I’d be cooking a little less than half – I’ll really have to approach this with some determination and focus hehehe

  2. Just curious, what’s a “Cookup?” I’ve heard the term used and am aware of what it could mean, but wondering what it means for you?

    • Hey Sue! It’s a Guyanese name for a popular rice dish – rice is simmered in coconut milk, black eyed peas, and various types of meat. The meat varies based on dietary restrictions, so I’ll likely learn to make a chicken or vegetable one. Is that something along the lines of what you thought?

      • Haha, no, it’s a term I heard used in a “paleo” cookbook to cook up a bunch of things on a Sunday such as roasted vegetables, roasted meats, ground meat, steamed vegetables, etc., to have for assembling meals during the week!!! Rice in coconut milk with black eyed peas and meat, that sounds delicious!!!

  3. Hi Indira, here I am! By the way, how did you feel when you went vegetarian for a month? I did it last week (by accident) for a few days and was super tired.

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